Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov. 19, 2012

Dear mom,

I am doing fantasticly these days. It's getting more and more rewarding every day. Granted none of investigators showed up to church, so now we have no chance of meeting our goal, but honestly I'm not really hung up on the numbers. It's been a real learning experience for me to get myself back in the right mindset, it took a lot of prayer and scripture study, but I honestly think I know why I'm with this companion now. As soon as I'm fluent, we're gonna be a pretty awesome force in this area, cause honestly, everything he's lacking, I bring to the table. And vice versa.

Got the package last wednesday, but I waited till PDay to open it. I'm not sure that's a rule, but my companion said so, so I just generally try to do what he says, so as to avoid contention. Thanks for the letters and green stuff! I think the skittles and mikeandikes made a convert out of my comp. All he'd had from America was licorice, and he didn't really like it. But that is some good stuff! Thanks mom and Ellie and Bekah. And rachel for the trogdor letter. That was cool.

Turns out I can still use that same system of mail, with the pouch, so if you send me some more stamps, I can send letters for everyone! Also, I wouldn't mind a jar of peanut butter here and there. I guess it doesn't exist here. But I've settled into a pretty regular diet of Yogurt, eggs, rice, and whatever members give us for lunch (Deliciousness, that's what). And ellie, turns out they have awesome steak in uruguay too, but they don't eat it as much. We almost always have some kind of awesome pasta or rice dish. Delicious. It's hard to walk back for language studies after lunch with Hermana Ester on tuesdays though. Gotta flex my abs the whole way to prevent pure and unadulterated pain.

That banana cream pie sounds so good. I've also learned to fry everything in butter to add calories and flavor, and that little hint of america.

Our little branch. I think we're about ready to have some good progress. Elder Gallardo and I made a plan for a birthday present for you mom, I'll tell you about it on the phone on christmas! Anyway, the branch has about 15ish active members, and I just found out that we're counselors. The president didn't show up on sunday, so we had to make a program on the fly. But we're trying to get the miembros really excited about missionary work, and I think they're starting to help.

And about my spanish, this really picked me up, actually. I went on an impromptu exchange with my zone leader, and he told me(I say this not to brag, just so you'll have an idea of how awesome I am) that he has never ever seen someone come out of the CCM speaking like me. So I think I'm a few months ahead of schedule, and therefore, right on schedule. I'm really starting to get emotionally involved with the people as well, and that's what's making me so tired lately. They're killing me. Why don't they know they need the gospel? It's awful. I need someone to get baptized so I have hope. I guess the rest of Uruguay baptizes a lot more than this area, and that was my mission presidents big plan for me. To come here and change the face of missionary work in El Carmen. We're gonna do it. I'm one hundred percent committed and there is a plan in place. And most of the plan involves the Lord, so I'll keep you guys updated.

Buenissimo, tell everyone to keep up the good work, I'll be writing again in one short week. (The time really flies here)

Love you all, BYE
Elder Andrew "Manteca" Pyper

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