Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nov. 26, 2012

Dear Mom, 

No, they don't have a celebration at all here. I think about the time you guys were eating, three or four, I was teaching a discussion to this dude and his girlfriend. They were both handrolling cigarettes, and their cat was trying to dig into the space between my back and the wall. A little different from banana cream pie right now. And honestly, that package was heaven sent I think. But I hope you didn't actually have to pay the price it said on the outside! Ouch! A few more requests... Could I have a bottle or two of melatonin and a bottle of contact solution? I do not think they sell it here, cause everyone just wears glasses or something. I haven't been able to find some anyway. 

Ok, we'll take care of business first. These two things are for rachel. Could you send my address? And if you already did don't worry about it, I'm just trying to be exactly obedient and not communicate more than one email haha. And also could you try to get me the address for Pat Heaston, who was my bishop in provo? His phone number should be in my phone if ellie didn't delete everything. And if not, just ask one of my friends who lives in provo, Melanie Cox, Brooke Wolfgramm, those should do the trick. And mom, this is for you, have you called the bank yet? Because I tried to take a little cash out today and got rejected, so I hope they don't think I stole my identity...

Anyway, that's the story of my life. We've been starving for a bit because we had to travel to montevideo three times this change and the mail service lost the pouch for a few days. Therefore, no reimbursals. So I had spent like more than half my allowance on bus tickets, and didn't get reimbursed for anything. So, the package was awesome. I could eat an andes mint and imagine it was a piece of red chicken or something. Thanks so much, family!

Anyway, tell dad that he fights like a younger man. I miss football. I got to play a little soccer today, we bummed our way to the zone activity on borrowed cash. It's a little frustrating because I'm awful now. I haven't practiced really for about a year and a half haha. Also, how'd BYU do in football, and how's basketball going for them? Also, Chargers, Spurs, Thunder?

But awesome. I'm loving it out here. It's crazy how on edge throwing your whole soul into something without seeing many results will make you. I finally had it out with my companion, (editor's note-this probably means Andy said, dude, you need to just relax a little. :) )I had to stop on the street and talk it out because my irritation level was such that the spirit was totally gone. But anyway, that's resolved, I think we're good now. He's just really awkward with people haha. And plus he's never trained, never been a senior companion, It's really like I'm training myself. But the work goes on. 

Had some really cool experiences lately. Yesterday my companion was feeling really discouraged, because honestly we're attempting a miracle in this branch, but two days ago we lost practically all our investigators and had to start de nuevo. So he was a bit mopey, but I had the premierest spiritual experience of my life. I studied a little of a talk by richard g scott, and started receiving inspiration like crazy. Specific specific stuff that I can do as a missionary to be more powerful. It was really amazing. I have it written in my journal, and my posterity will quote it for generations, haha! And my spanish has taken another jump up recently, I realized the other day that not knowing what to say just in general is a bigger obstacle than understanding now! So I can basically teach like a normal missionary, it's just halting, cause I'm only like an eighth fluent. And if the people are old or use a ton of slang, it's over. But anyway, I am really starting to love this people. They break my heart every day. But I'm sure I'll get used to that. 

Yeah, I love you guys. Oh yeah, someone tell me how the muse and killers albums were. 


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