Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept. 24, 2013

Dear Family,

I'm staying with my comp another six weeks, that was a super fast change. I'm starting to feel robbed. My time is running away super quick. I am not happy about this, haha. I'm gonna try to send you guys a package next week that will have some uruguayan goodies and a flash drive with all my pictures so far, and I do not know how much that costs or anything, but I guess I'll find out. 

I am being very frustrated, because I seem to be trying as hard as I can to help these other areas in my district, and they are absolutely unresponsive. BUT. Elder Francis is coming to my district! That's right, my old friend from the MTC! So he is gonna shake things up, I imagine. 

It's gonna be weird. Pretty soon you're gonna have two double digit girls in the house. I still am denying that Ellie is twelve. I used to be twelve! As far as I know, she might turn sixteen or twenty someday! This is not good.

I hope you all get better and that the Lord gives you what you deserve :)
I pray for you guys every night, love you tons!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

It's been raining for like a week straight :( We had a very instructional week. Also our poor investigator is trying to break my heart, and the bishop is driving me nuts. Poor alva had the hardest week ever. She prayed us to her door again. I have no clue how she does that, but she had kicked out her son and her daughter in law because the daughter in law was blatantly robbing them and taking advantage of living there. She is so sad because her son said a bunch of awful stuff. And then when we left their house the crazy daughter in law cornered us and told us a whole bunch of lies about alva and her husband, and asked me if I thought their behavior was appropriate for people who claim to be seeking god. I looked her in the eyes and told her that God is just, and that much I know. Then we walked off like a couple of bosses. But actually things got pretty crazy. She was so desperate to go to church that on sunday she walked there in pouring rain. And she's legally blind. ¡Que locura, che!

But yeah, this week I had a really cool moment, I got probably as discouraged as I ever get, mostly because we were just wandering around in the rain getting rejected. But then, I felt the reality of how many people are praying for me, I really felt it. Then we decided to be missionaries who work miracles, instead of missionaries who shamble around getting ignored by rich people. So we did some miracles. Still working with a long term drug addict. He's doing good.

Yeah, I actually would appreciate the other pair of shoes, if you're willing. I don't think my pair is gonna quite make it. And I'm good on pants.

Love you a ton!
Here's the picture from the baptism a couple of weeks ago.

September 9, 2013

Happy P-Day to all!
Happy anniversary as well! I realized today that I don't think I ever told you guys happy anniversary last year, so sorry. I bet that was a quick 21 years. Life is insane. I thought of the story of you getting mom pots and pans for christmas the other day. That made me laugh.
I actually had a really cool experience yesterday where one of our investigators with a really sick husband used her huge gigantic enormous faith, asked the Lord to send me and my comp to her house, sat down and told her husband, Bueno, vamos a esperarlos. And you guessed it, about that moment her face pops in my mind, we go over immediately, weep with them, and the whole time I was just feeling that they need to experience the power of God in their lives. We shared the story from alma 15 and gave the husband a priesthood blessing. I hope he gets better, cause that would make an awesome story. I love those dear viejitos so flippin much. I have really gained a testimony of this principle. The Lord loves his children.
You know, I've gone a whole year without a stake conference. I have been jumping areas right before stake conference every single time. But I like that. That just means I get to take the sacrament more, hahaha! I really can't express how important the sacrament has become to me. It is so essential. And fasting. A little trip through Isaiah 58 rocked my world.
But yeah, I love what it says about a succesful missionary in preach my gospel in chapter 1. I'm trying to do that stuff, and one thing that I feel I have learned out here is to recognize the spirit at least. Following is a little harder. We'll get there some day.
Elder Zuniga is going to teach me to be a yoyo master today. I hope this picture works, it's of Karen(in white), her nonmember family, and us.
Love you all a ton!

September 2, 2013

Hello all

I've been good this week. It's starting to become spring here in uruguay. It's super nice. Quite beautiful. We as well are feeling the Lord's blessings. We had my first baptism in this area last week, and next week I'll send the picture, because I forgot my camera cord today. It was quite miraculous though. Me esforcé por vivir el Evangelio a un nivel muy alto y vimos las bendiciones. It was really a cacophony of seemingly unsolvable problems being solved by miracles. No baptismal clothes, the water heater not working, the ward mission leader basically resigning, all overcome by pure spiritual inspiration. We did it! And we had a ton of people come to church too! I really saw the miracle of these peoples progression as I worked hard on my own personal righteousness.

But dang. This place i'm sitting in just started playing thriller. 

I had a super unique experience this week. You should ask me to tell you about it when I get home.

So basically I'm very excited. I'll let you know when the birthday package gets here. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve the lord, and I continue trying to not let it go to waste.


Elder Pyper