Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nov. 7, 2012

Hello, people who speak english...

The first week in uruguay has been a blast. The keyboard situation has changed again, this time to accomodate portuguese letters as well, so please forgive any weird typos. Really, the last three weeks in the CCM were difficult just because I didn't feel as if I was learning as fast, my companion just really didn't understand what I was and wasn't capable of, and it was just weird since I was way more experienced as a missionary than he, but I was just crippled because I couldn't say exactly what I wanted to. And various other vaguely racist things. Anyway, that's over now, and the new challenge begins. 

I won't lie, even though I love it, I am facing a challenge harder than anthing I've ever had to do. My companion is from Chile, Elder Gallardo. He's a really good missionary, been out about 10 months, and apparently has worked a miracle in this area that we're in. I see that, definitely, it's just so strange cause this has never happened to me. I love him, but just about everything he does annoys me. So now I'm trying to overcome that, and it's so so weird. I always loved people. So I'm really just trying to focus on the people and learn to love them. I figure that's probably the fastest way to get over this. I don't know. It's a struggle, though, cause it totally interferes with the Spirit at times. Anyway, probably just a language barrier issue. He speaks no english whatsoever. So I would really love any advice or input anyone has on that.

The investigators are slightly scarce, but through small miracles, I think Elder Gallardo and I are going to revolutionize the church in this town. It is out in the boonies. It looks just like the countryside of nacho libre, except green. Horses, cows and all. But I'm thinking we're gonna have anywhere from three to six baptisms on the twenty fifth, depending on who comes to church. The branch here has about twenty active members. But there's a possibility of two new families getting baptized.

The Spanish is going pretty good, I can basically have a labored conversation about any gospel topic I want, and my vocabulary for other things is slowly expanding. I think my language goal is really looking achieveable. 

I've been thinking a lot about Alma 26:27 and Alma 44:4. Those verses are certainly helping me right now. I just want to feel like I can help teach more effectively. Once the language issue is gone, I feel like all my problems will be solved.

The mission rules here are about as strict as you can imagine, so probably no to the videos. The music yes, if its church produced, like motab or something. Also, it costs like three bucks to send a letter from here, so sorry to everyone, probably not gonna be too many letters flowing from my wallet.

Ok, that's it for now
Love you all
Elder Pyper

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