Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Happy Pday to you as well!

This week was way way better. I thought we were gonna have the same issue, my comp still wanted to baptize her the same day even though she missed church, but he came around eventually when it became really evident she wasn't ready. But my other two converts received the aaronic priesthood yesterday! They're so flippin crazy. But they cut their hair and shaved off their beards, so now they don't look it.

Items of business. First of all, thank you for all that Christmas stuff, it was divine. The cookies are fun. Trying to cook in that oven is hilarious. The lowest setting is 290 celsius, haha, so really just a lot of guess work. The lob city shirt is perfect. Second, the email issue. Here's what we can do to fix this problem, because I'm not supposed to get emails outside of immediate family. Everyone else just pretend my email is and use Elder Andrew Pyper as the subject line. Then they get printed off and delivered to me.

Rachel, first of all, how the heck are you? SEND ME AN EMAIL. Or letter. Bekah and ellie are beating you. Secondly, can you please get Sam Williams mission address for me? he's in salt lake city somewhere. Also, this one is super important. I have a friend named Mike Hollinghaus. Tell him I said Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, I love him, and I want to hear about his mission call. And did you talk to Bishop Heaston when you got that address? Anyway, love you Rachel, don't work too hard. Senior year is for goofing off. Follow my example. Remember how much I was laying around doing nothing that year? Me neither.

Ellie is not turning 12. That's gotta be a lie. Everything is happening without me, haha. But I'm not missing out, cause guess what I just found out like 20 minutes ago? The Jonas Brothers! Are coming to montevideo the 19 of march. I'll have to find a way to ditch my comp and get out there. Or maybe I'll already be in montevideo. This is the last week of the change, the next email I'll let you know if I'm staying, going, or what. The almost certain thing is that I'll have either a new companion or a new area or both. We had interviews with the president Wednesday, he came out to Durazno, the nearby ´big city´ and I asked him what he thought about where I was going. He said he'd like to get me a little more experience. So I don't know what that means, but he called me a superstar missionary. He probably calls everyone that, but it lifted my spirits a bit.

So good to hear news about everyone. I'm proud of all of you, you're doing great things. I'll be happy to stop by chipotle with you after I come home. Maybe that very night. I miss spicy food. The taco mix was a miracle. And here's some news, my mission got cut short 4 or 5 days, so i should show up pretty close to my birthday. This happened because of the mission age requirements, they speeded everything up and had to change the transfer cycle of the mission.

But here's something inspiring for you guys. I learned something about faith this week. It was one of those sweet little instances where a piece of spiritual knowledge just clicks into place and never goes away. I'd been struggling with the idea that is presented in the scriptures por todos lados, Ask and ye shall receive. Whatsoever thing ye shall ask in my name... all that. I realized that as a missionary, trying to search for the will of God and pray for it is hard. Because I'm human, it's just hard. So I'd pray for 3 new investigators one day and it wouldn't happen. What I realized, through study and prayer, is that, and you can quote me on this, haha, when you think that God hasn't answered your prayers, it's because he's giving you something better. Think on that for a while.

Anyway, gotta go, my comp just accused me of going over. (no)

Love you all! BYE

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