Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Dear Family, 

Good week. Seriously good.

Mom, you would have to go to jail with every other missionary mom in the world, haha. (Editor's note:  I may or may not have wrapped a camera in a picture of Jesus in hopes of avoiding theft in customs. Although those of you who know me can probably think of several reasons I might be going to jail!) Thanks for the camera. Also, I think I might need a converter, because everything is 220 voltage here. So the christmas lights weren't too exciting haha. Or maybe send me the computer cable so I can charge it on computers and send pics.

So the week in Durazno was awesome. Tuesday night, we went to the city itself, Wednesday morning Elder G left, and Elder Priedeman got there in the night. That was a fun day, I worked in a trio in Durazno with two elders that were in the CCM with me. What a disaster, haha. We had fun though.

The new comp is a stud. Elder Priedeman is here to work, he is an excellent teacher, and he loves batman. We still speak spanish all the time, so I'm still learning quick. I don't remember if I told you in the last email, but I finished the book of mormon in spanish last week! That makes four times, three in english, one in spanish. The 18 year olds might get here next month. 

Sleeping bag, maybe to 20 rated... I don't think it gets too cold here, but the houses are not insulated in the slightest, it's starting to cool off here, and sometimes I wake up cold in the night already.

Yeah, but I am crazy pumped to get to work now, I feel a ridiculous amount of the spirit as we work, and we're really starting to unite the branch to help us. We've reactivated a stud named Carlos, and I'm thinking he is the future of this place. My comp really knows what he's doing, he just doesn't know the area. And he's district leader, so it's gonna be fun doing baptismal interviews everywhere. 

Well my favorite scripture of the week is Mosiah 4 10-11. It's a good one. I really learned about humility and how much I don't have. 

But there it is. thanks for all the support and prayers! And Christmas cards! Thanks to uncle curt and aunt laurie for the package, it was amazing. I am having fun with eight different colored pens, haha.

Love Andy

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