Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dec. 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve to you too!

The week was joyous indeed, I'm not gonna lie, that was a heartbreaker that we didn't get to talk that long, but we've got mother's day coming up quick. This just means that you all have to send me really long and detailed letters. It was super good to get to see you guys as well, hope your lives are marching along splendidly.

Regretably, this pday was totally screwed up. This country is so whack. They just do whatever they want haha. So we had a really hard time getting everything done that we needed to, and I'm racing the clock as I type this letter.

I miss Christmas time at home. Like I said on Skype, these people are nuts. They think Christmas means you run around till three in the morning blowing up stuff. They  were doing professional grade fireworks like right outside our house for most the night. Didn't get too much sleep, and I'm expecting something similar tonight.

But here's the thing. We baptized again yesterday! Happy birthday emilie! And I taught elder's quorum and had a weird fight with a less active brother who was trying to call out the church for not being anxiously engaged in a good cause. And then later in the week I saw him hand rolling cigarettes with white powder covering his forearms. Welcome to south america. I didn't even have the heart to tell him that I don't think you can do that with cocaine. But he would know better than me haha. So nuts. This branch is so crazy. But maybe we'll see some real growth soon. I'm starting to feel real satisfied with the effort I'm putting in every day. It's quite lovely to feel like you're serving your God effectively, cause honestly this first two months in the field has felt like my own personal Mosiah 23:21-23.

I hope Mom's hand gets better soon. And that sounds like you are going to have a crazy new years eve. And no joke, the time is flying. I've already been a missionary four months! only 20 left!

All right, have a great new years, everyone! Love you!

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