Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb. 18, 2013

Dear Dad,

First of all, I can see the pictures. Sorry for not answering that question in like seven consecutive emails.

Oh my gosh. Jory's going to brazil. This is unreal. Does he know that portuguese sounds like speaking spanish with a mouth full of ice cream? It's familiar sounding but not understandable at all. And tell James that the Argentinian and Uruguayan word for bro is che. It's pretty useful.

All that church stuff makes me miss church. It's hard being a missionary here in this sense, that you can't rely on other people to make you feel the spirit like that! We don't really have talk-worthy members here, so me and my comp speak all the time. Sacrament meetings are just interesting, haha.

Well, this week was the miracle week. It was super good. On monday, I realized that I'd kind of lost just the pure joy of sharing gospel knowledge with people, so I made some plans to remember that I just love sharing the gospel during the week. It worked. Brought a really special spirit, we found several really prepared people. People were literally snatching book of mormons from our hands. We were getting led by the spirit like crazy. And it never fails to amaze me how I always think I know what the spirit is doing, but I just don't. Like the other day, I felt the impression to go to visit this one angry old man, but as we walked to his house, I realized it wasn't him we were supposed to visit. Mostly because he yelled some poorly formed spanish at us and walked inside. It was the neighbor that was prepared! He wanted to read the whole BoM just standing there on the porch. So lesson is, just follow the promptings. Don't try to understand them. 

Scripture of the week is 2 Ne 32:8-9, because praying is truly difficult. Getting people to pray is hard. But they respond when you read them that.

Here's a picture of the giant cookie we made last night. And the other one is me drinking strawberry juice while my companion is being the district leader. Check out all that weight I gained.

Happy belated valentines day to you as well! I went all day without thinking about it!
Love you too

Elder "La Destreza" Pyper

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