Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb. 26, 2013

Hello dear family. 

The week was so good. I am feeling really optimistic. We've been trying to use family history as a hook to find investigators and increase retention and activity. We finally had a breakthrough with that this week. We got the only young man in our branch totally hooked on family history when Elder priedeman and I found out that we're both related to william the conqueror. So we're very very distant cousins. It's good that we're relatives cause our companionship is already over. Your very own Elder Pyper is off to big city to face some new challenges. But the lack of people will not be one of them. Carmen was a tiny tiny village and my new area is apparently in a big city. So that's good. I'm excited to learn how to teach better cause honestly I didn't do a whole lot of teaching here. It was finding finding finding. So tomorrow night I'll be in Melo. It's way in the interior of uruguay. But it's a biggish city. I think there's a few hundred thousand people there so that'll be nice. Really I'm kinda bummed out that me and elder priedeman have to go seperate ways. He's like my best friend in the mission now. But my new companion is named Elder Kempton and apparently he's awesome. Vamos a ver.

So I guess everyone's going to BYU. Congratulations to rachel and emilie. And tell rachel to keep thomas away from emilie. BYU is a blast they're going to love it.

Did you get any snow? How's the weather out there? It was super rainy this week and I was on an interchange with Elder Dallin on monday. It was raining buckets and elder Dallin is a brand new elder. So it was an interesting day going around completely soaked and doing everything for us haha. Hey! I just found out that one of my friends in the salt lake city mission is in rock springs right now. So that's cool.

Well my goal for this new area and this six weeks is to be completely diligent. The scripture that will drive me is Moroni 9:6. It is very good. I'm still trying to learn to push myself to my full potential and I think the best way I can apply it is with the language. For one thing I'm pretty much fluent but there's many words I don't know. Just gotta strive to speak spanish all the time. It's hard when you have a funny comp that quotes nacho libre all the time but it's something I can do to dedicate myself to the Lord better. 

I'm pretty sure I'm training in six weeks so it's time to purify myself as much as I can and get ready to be a real big example for this new kid I'm gonna get. He might be eighteen. That's so crazy. Hey! How's kevin doing over there in texas? I also got a letter from halmoni recently which was much appreciated.

My toe was actually a miracle. I can't remember if I told you guys this story but my toe healed miraculously in like a day and a half. I had that surgery. Various doctors told me I wasn't going to be able to walk for a full week. But I was working two days later. But then the other side ingrew because the doctor randomly cut the toenail on that side. It got really swollen and nasty again but I just prayed it away. I could not bear the thought of sitting in the apartment another two days while people were perishing in unbelief. So I think it's getting better again. At least it doesn't hurt anymore.

Today I am exactly nineteen and a half. I now have six months in the mission. So I'm gonna burn a sock tonight and wonder where all that time went. And we're gonna go get quesadillas from a mexican dude down here. He's the only other person in Uruguay who knows what spicy food is. It's gonna be a fiesta. Seriously the time is flying by. I hate it. I'm trying to have fun every moment though and that is turning out to be a good strategy. I do feel bad for the poor sap that replaces me in carmen though. It was the only thing I knew so I didn't know how different the work was there. But here we go! New adventure time! Vamos arriba!!!!

Love you all!
Elder ´El Crecimiento Real´ Pyper

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