Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb. 4, 2013

Dear FamilyslashDad

The week was fantastic. Having a new companion is so great. This guy is the bomb. We work hard and we have fun while we do it. The problem is that the pueblo has become even more hostile. I've been stoned several times. Puts me right up there with Stephen and the other great prophets of old. So we're trying to find the righteous people that are keeping the pueblo from being blown off the earth by the hand of God. Even though we're doing everything right nothing's going right. We're about due for some tender mercies. (Tell mom if you think she won't freak out but I think I'm about to have surgery on my toe...) So all things considered it's a miracle that I'm filled with joy all the time. This work is the best. 

Here's the story of the week. We've been looking for this inactive member named ismael but every time we go to his house he's not there. So yesterday we went after church and the wife who has kicked him out of the house because he's drinking told us to go get him. So we walked into the backyard and didn't see anything. I felt a little voice tell me to look behind the shed and when I did it I find ismael hunched over hiding from us. And he had a slingshot loaded and @#!*% . I thought I was gonna die. But he put the gun down and came out for a lesson with us haha. It was really spiritual and I know he felt the spirit testifying that God can take him out of his drinking problem. And it was super weird because after we left i remembered that he was on the point of shooting me point blank with a slingshot haha.

That's awesome that the letter to Jake did some good. I felt like those words were coming from somewhere else while I was writing that letter. 

I do have some good sisters. They are the best. And you guys are the real example for me. it's easy to preach the gospel when you're hiding behind a white shirt and tie. To do it with your friends and family takes real courage.

Tell Eddie and Jacy I said congrats! I can barely believe that craziness.

Well the work is marching on. My comp and I really feel like we're working as hard as we can we're turning in incredible numbers of contacts and lessons without members but noone wants us to come back! So we're looking at implementing family history somehow because it seems like the lord is telling us that the pueblo needs something different to open its heart. 

Anyway that's it. I speak better english now haha.

Love you all! Bye!


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