Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Good day, everyone!

The week was just ok this week. It was obviously totally fun, but I´m still learning a lot of lessons about how missionary work goes. It´s weird, cause in Carmen it seemed like no matter how hard I worked, nothing ever happened. Here it´s the opposite. If I didn´t work as hard as I could one day, I feel awful, but still a member shows up and gives us six references basically just ready for baptism. So I am still working on my diligence. But we`re getting better. Living in a house of four elders makes it way harder to exercise discipline, but I`m off to a good start this week.

So the sister missionaries are there in enid huh? Are there only two for the whole ward or did they just replace one set of elders? Oh yeah, I didn´t even burn my sock. I totally forgot. But it's totally fine. I just didn`t want to burn a tie. 

So yeah, basically here in Leone the amount of people to teach that we find just depends on the amount of people we talk to. It´s very very interesting. So this week I´m trying to reacquire my good habits of talking to everyone, no matter how late you´re running. It`s the only way to show to the Lord that he can put those people in your path and you`re going to talk to them.  My comp's only got like two months left in his mission! So it's anybody's guess what's gonna happen to us here. I hope I kill him off, because I'm starting to get scared of responsibility. If he goes somewhere else his last change, that will just be very interesting for me. WE'll see what happens.

RACHEL. Happy birthday!!!! You're only one year from the best year and a half ever

I've been thinking a lot about familes lately as well, because I'm seeing firsthand how much better the plan of salvation works in families. The problem is, families are almost a thing of the past here. If you find a family that has kids, is married, and not separated, then it's just a miracle. The majority of the converts in this mission are teenagers. So I want to baptize families. I'll keep you updated on how the family search is going.

So here's the cool spiritual experience of the week. All four of us are getting ready to leave the house, and the zone leaders leave like two minutes before us. As we're leaving, they're coming back up the stairs to tell us that Angel (one of the converts here, a 15 year old kid) has run away from his house, and is waiting for us outside the church. So we go down there, let him in and talk with him a bit. His story is really sad, he's an orphan who's been shunted from foster home to foster home his whole life, and he had just had enough verbal abuse, I guess. So as he tells us this story, I'm desperately praying, asking to know what to say. The answer comes, "you can't say anything, you have no authority here." Then I thought, "Then we need the branch president here RIGHT NOW, please." And lo and behold, the man walks in ten seconds later, and didn't have a clue what he was doing there. Just purely following the spirit. So he went back home for a bit, we're still trying to figure out if he's gonna stay there... But it was awesome to see someone being an instrument in Gods hands as an answer to my prayers. Our president is a real stud.

So we do have daylight savings here. We accidentally all woke up an hour late last week. But this week it was for real.

DyC 75 2-5. Best scripture ever.

Read it everyone who's going on a mission.

Love you all! Have the best week.

Elder Pyper

P.s. I made a bet with a kid this week that if I made a penalty kick on him, he'd have to come to church. I buried it. He still didn't come to church.

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