Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

Dear Family,

Sounds like an awesome spring break. I´m kind of sad I wasn't there, but I think I probably had more fun here. Sorry, haha. I hope you guys will get home ok! 

Oh yeah, so I have covenanted with God and everyone to have the greatest week of my whole mission. So I'm pretty pumped. La noche blanca is this saturday, the classic uruguayan bishopric got a little overwhelmed with that announcement in sacrament meeting, so they just called me up and had me do it. So we had two baptisms lined up for that night from us, and there was like thirteen more in the zone. But then... opposition struck. So now one of our investigators can't get baptized this saturday and we're thinking about dropping her for a few weeks to help her realize that the gospel is more important than she thought it was. But the other one is basically a guaranteed baptism, EXCEPT for the fact that she got sent to her grandma's house for bad behavior, haha, so we had to beg the hermanas that live in that area to teach her the charlas until she comes back. And we might have to leave our area to teach her this week, but she's the daughter of an active lady, so she's basically already in the water. Our only other firm investigator is a seventeen year old kid named federico, who is in dire need of the gospel. He needs a lot of direction in his life, he's just kind of doing whatever comes up right now, and spends like 12 hours a day playing Call of Duty. But he recognizes the feeling of the spirit and loves God, so I think he'll put his life in line as he begins to excercise faith.

Yeah, and also we had the craziest sunday ever yesterday, couldn't even begin to tell you about it, but the highlight was that Elder Kempton and I had a really cool spiritual experience where I was able to give him a pretty special blessing. It just reminded us both that God really knows us. He watches over us and worries about our problems just like we do. The only difference is that he helps us to solve our problems and bear our burdens.

Oh yeah, it's starting to get quite chilly at night. And the cereal was divine. Everything disappeared really fast from that package, because I live with four elders now, so all the Christlike sharing really makes stuff disappear quick. 

I totally forgot to bring my camera with me, but Elder Kempton and I have been on this quest to get a picture with this legendary goat that lives in our area. And I got some really funny ones, so I'll send them next week. But that goat is sharp. It already knows what we're thinking. So most of the pictures are of me chasing it around, trying to be in the frame with it.

I got a letter from Halmoni today, but nothing from grandpa yet, I think she said that he wrote one...

Ok, so I had my interview with the president this week. I asked what his plans are for me. He gave me a bunch of confused ramblings. Well, he wasn't confused, but I was after listening to it. But the zone leaders got the lowdown. They say there's three options for me. 1)Elder Kempton leaves and trains somewhere else. I train here. 2)Elder Kempton stays for this next change, then he goes home and I train. 3) I go to the offices and become a secretary this change, and Elder Kempton trains. So...yeah. It'll be interesting, whatever happens. And I'm basically pumped and ready to go now. The language is flying, I've kinda caught the vision of the mission. I'm pumped to work. I would love to train someone, cause honestly i just love helping people. And this saturday is my seven month anniversary! Woo!

Ok, love you all, bye!

P.S. Read alma 32 and think about how many times he says that faith is not a perfect knowledge and also when he says it. Pretty interesting. 

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