Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 4, 2013

Dear Family!!!

As an answer to your question, I did transfer this week. I transferred here to melo. I have kind of the outskirts area, but it's quite large and there's a lot of people. I love it. I love all the members and people here too. It's crazy, I almost became fluent overnight when I got here. I think it's because the people speak better, there's a little more education here. But what a contrast to carmen.

I feel as if the Lord has set me free out of the refining fire. He's given me all the tools I could ever ask for, blessed me with the gift of tongues, for real, and given me a huge opportunity. He's said, "Let's see what Elder Pyper can really do." I just gotta keep relying on him and working. I really think the only thing that could hold me back here is my own level of effort. The branch president is a twentyseven year old stud, there's a group of recent convert teenagers that are excited to share the gospel. The sky is the limit here.

My new comp is also great, another gringo. We have bonded quite well, and we're excited to work. I also live with the zone leaders now, which is way cool. One of them is my twin. We have a ton of weird similarities.

I got a sweet batch of letters today, including from Melanie, Chloe (Hood rat), and BRECK. It was inspiring to hear from you all.

But yeah, that's about it. I guess I'll ramble a bit more.

If you noticed that I took a solid chunk of money out of my account, it's because I ordered a sweet pair of scripture cases. If rachel goes on a spanish speaking mission, I'll totally bring her some scripture cases for her spanish scriptures.

Ok, two things for rachel. Can you tell emilie that I think she's good to do whatever? And also, can you send me the Phantom Goatee picture? It's the one of me and garret flexing traps shirtless and he looks like bane.

I can't believe sister missionaries are coming! It makes sense, because the number of sisters in our mission is going to double in the next two months, so they got to put them all somewhere. Yeah tell rachel to get out there. And tell her to start studying with preach my gospel. It's money.

That snow is nuts. Stay warm. I got the package as well. Everyone says thanks.

Also elder francis is here in the zone. I saw him today and we had a therapy session, haha. I love this man.

OK bye! Love you all! Take care of yourselves and watch out for drunk less actives! (No one's thrown or shot a rock at me in 5 days!)

Elder "El Fuego Inextinguible" Pyper (Mormon 9. Good chapter)

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