Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July 29, 2013

Dear family,

I had a super weird week. I was at the doctor a bunch. But I'm almost all cured up  now, just various elbow slash toe injuries... I got to keep my xray though, so that's really cool. I have a picture of my elbow bones just sitting at home.

I really hate the fact that people have agency. Maybe a rough thing to say... Cause we were gonna baptize this lady, and she didn't come to church. And now elder ve'e and I will not have another baptism together. That's sad. It's time for him to go spread his wings though. In two weeks that is. Somebody actually has to leave this time, I'm pretty sure companionships are not allowed to go six months together, haha.

We totally just got a new missionary named elder walkenhorst in our mission. I wonder if he's related. President Newsome is coming to uruguay like next week or something. I don't know who's running the mission right now, cause President Armstrong is gone. We're being ruled by secrecy.

So is my buddy Elder Cutler actually assigned to the ward, or was he just randomly there one day? And who is getting baptized so much?

I'm having weird experiences trying to do this DL thing. One companionship is really struggling, they do not have too much animo. (I'm sorry, I literally didn't have any clue how to translate that word.) Another way agency is frustrating me.

I'm proud of everyone, I miss you all a lot!


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