Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Dear family,

I miss you all too, it's crazy what's going on since I left. I know I say this every week, but the girls always looked like they had grown up way too much since I left, and now that I've seen that pic of them next to mom, I know that it is flippin absurd how much they've grown. That is just not possible. And robert is home already? That can't be right. One of the missionaries I'm living with right now acts a lot like him. It's been a fun time. This house is seriously the best. I'll have to send a picture, so you guys can see what it looks like to live with two college football players.

There was a miracle baptism this week, the other companionship that lives with us baptized her, but I found her a while back before they got here. It was really a testimony builder because I got to do her baptismal interview and hear the full story of what happened after I taught her a lesson and gave her a booklet in the street. She went home, read it, prayed, and said, I want to be a member of this church. The next time I saw her was in church, she had showed up without me even inviting her in the initial contact. The spirit touched her very strongly, and she went and found her mormon neighbor, a priest in the ward, and made him take her to church. Really crazy to think of, because what would have happened if we just hadn't talked to her? It was a single girl walking down a dangerous dark street at almost nine o clock at night. But she is an amazing convert and will be a strong member. Moral of the story is share the gospel, friends.

I've been feeling good lately, but confession, I've been having elbow problems lately, so I'm going to talk to the mission nurse today. So...I don't know if you guys could send me my brace? 

I've been thinking a lot about the purpose of missionary work lately, and had one of those cool spiritual moments where a gospel principle just cements itself in your mind all of the sudden. I'm not here to baptize every person I see. I'm here to find the people who will keep the commitments and get baptized. That one little realization has helped with my sense of urgency and to not get discouraged a ton. So I'm super excited to go find them this week. The mission is baptizing a ridiculous amount lately, so I'm ready to reap some of these blessings that the Lord has. 

It is dang cold today.

Love you all, you're the best family I could ask for!

Elder Pyper

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