Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec. 2, 2013

I feel out of touch, haha. Are you telling me I'm gonna have three married cousins when I get home...? Who is in charge of all this nonsense. I specifically told Kate to not get engaged a mere two weeks ago. Kids these days...

Yeah, we're having changes the week before Christmas, so that's gonna be really tough to coordinate the call, but we'll be able to do it, cause about half the mission will have the same problem, so there will be a solution.

We had a mixed emotions week. We had to work really hard for Alexis to get baptized, he's an awesome guy. He needed a special interview, and for some reason, the president assigned one of the senior missionaries who doesn't speak spanish to do the interview. This guy is about 75, served in Missouri however many years ago, and totally filled with the spirit. When the moment arrived for the interview, he asked me to come in and translate and proceeded to do the entire interview in spanish. I was starstruck. Or dumbstruck. But yeah, it wasn't super super great spanish, but he only asked for help like 5 times. It was a miracle. Really cool.

Yeah, they love christmas here, but it's not the same. It's a lot louder. It kinda makes me trunky. I miss quiet peaceful christmas with the family.

I love you guys a bunch, and am equally excited to see you on Christmas!


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