Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec. 9, 2013

Dear Pops,

Yeah I'm still sticking around here in montevideo, being district leader is driving me insane lately, there's a couple elders that aren't getting along in my district and it's killing the spirit and killing everyone's morale. I am tired. But I still enjoy the peace that comes from putting in a lot of effort I guess. But sometimes that's just not enough. As I've said before, sometimes I really hate agency.

In other news, yeah I'm also starting to go a little crazy just from lack of change, but it's not too bad, just enough to make things interesting.

I thank you all for your prayers and stuff, sorry for the lack of news, I seriously have no clue what to put today. All I did all week was try to learn to rebuke with sharpness, a somewhat new skill for me. Gotta be done though. I learned a lot about the purpose of missionaries in the plan of salvation, reading in jacob 5 and a talk by alvin r. dyer called For what purpose. It is pretty good. It inspires me and I try to shake off discouragement. I also enjoyed a lot of promises made to those who are in the work of the Lord in DyC. I've been studying it a lot lately. I really like the one in DyC 84:80.

Take care, love you a ton

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