Monday, March 24, 2014

17 Feb. 2014

Dear Dad,

Wow, you're out of the bishopric. That's some crazy talk. It's really weird to think about that. Things change.

Florida is going well, things are a little bit less smooth with all the changes of missionaries here, but we're solving problems. We're trying to get our baptismal goal of 10 for this month, and right now we have exactly the amount of investigators with a baptismal date to be able to do that. Every single one of them has to go to church and get baptized this week. But I feel really incredible lately, I've been leaving everything out on the field every day. 

So, here's my thoughts on what to do when I get back. I've got a couple options here. 1) I can hang around in oklahoma for a semester or 2)I can come home 2 weeks early and go back to school on time. After lots of prayer and pondering, I'm thinking about option number 2 as the best one. I will confess, that's gonna make money a little hard, but I've felt as I prayed that I need to get my education rolling again as fast as possible. I don't know, hopefully they give me a semester of mercy on my scholarship, and I'm obviously going to have to work as well. Probably student loans as well, I'll figure it out. But I definitely have felt that, get the education going and the lord will provide. So that means in the next couple weeks I'm gonna have to get registered and ready to go, I'll be able to get permission to do most of it from here on the computer, but I'll let you guys know what I need help with.

Ok, I love you guys a ton, thanks for your prayers, I've really felt their power.

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