Monday, March 24, 2014

24 March 2014

Dear Family,

Well, the fast on saturday was imposed, I got seriously ill for the first time in my mission. I was dying all week, I missed like three days of work. Just today I feel like I can walk normal distances. I was getting tired from standing up to go to the bathroom and stuff like that, it was pretty awful. Hopefully that never happens again. So I'm just recovering right now, I feel a little better today, hopefully I'll be fine by tomorrow morning. It was good to have a little bit of a mental break, even though our area suffered a little bit, I was thinking a lot. My comp and I had some good bonding time as well, so it was excellent. Definitely an inspired sickness, I think.

So my week was really boring. I laid in bed nearly the whole time. I hope you do well on your test, it sounds a little stressful, but you'll probably do good, I am confident that you know how to fly a plane after all these years. 

I heard that Elder Kempton went to halmoni's house, that's cool. It's always a fun time making dat mandoo, it made me really hungry when I heard. Thinking about food back home is one of the main things that makes me trunky, haha. I heard it described like this once. At the beginning of your mission, you get into a rowboat and start rowing furiously, at the beginning it's a little hard because if you look back you can see the land, but after a while you only see water and you're just rowing like a madman, then when you hit a year and a half, you start to see the destination. It's just hard by nature, not through any fault of the rower, it's just easier not to look back at the beginning of a mission than it is to not look forward towards the end. Especially when you're laying in bed for a week... Haha but I'm better now, time isn't going toooo fast. The point of that whole paragraph is... I want some korean food. And chipotle. And red chicken/everything that comes out of mom's oven.

I love you guys, have a fun week.

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