Monday, March 24, 2014

24 Feb. 2014

Dear family,

Thanks for loving me and being proud of me, that means a lot. So, yeah, I'm not going back to school this semester. I learned what is eternally important in the temple this week, and that is you guys and the Lord's kingdom. It was so easy to get to the right conclusion in the temple, the only thing is I'm not coming home to be idle, I need to work in the ward and I need a job, and I need to spend time with my family. But I'm pretty sure I need to be home for a bit afterward. So, if you can keep your eyes out for a job which pays highly and lets me speak spanish, that would be awesome.

So the week was miraculous. We finally got some people to come to church from that little village where we're starting an area next change. My heart is really invested in that little place. They are very converted, it's really made my testimony of the book of mormon grow, because these investigators are some of the best ever, and we can barely go see them because of the distance. They are pretty far into the book of mormon and have basically taken their own conversion upon themselves. They all loved church. It was a total answer to my prayers.

We had two really good exchanges this week, one with the assistants, which really really helped me out, sometimes I forget that it's nice to work with another missionary with the same experience level. It helped my morale a lot, and then we did one with elder francis's companionship, and I was just really impressed with how far he's come since the CCM. He is a stud missionary, and there's a possibility he could be my companion next change, which would be so cool.

Thanks for the package, you guys are the bomb. I love you a ton, thanks for your emotional support and prayers, tell everyone I say hi.


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