Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oct. 22, 2012

Well Dad, things are cooking right along.

It was a good week, I'm slowly but surely starting to understand more Spanish. My companions a great guy, it's just weird not having an american. He has some weird South american habits, like brushing his teeth seven to eight times a day. But whatever, I'm doing it too. He's promoting good hygiene. Or advanced gum disease brought on by too much brushing.

I'm glad to hear the normal world is still happening without me. I'm pretty much insane in here. I'm starting to forget how to spell in english, and that's pretty awful for a former champ like me. Several cool experiences this week though. 

I was actually kinda discouraged after our proselitismo. It's me and Elder Alcaraz now, instead of me and elder Francis, so it was really different. Usually during a proselitismo I do great talking and really listening to the people, but it's way harder to stay involved when they realize they can just talk to my comp and he's fluent. So I was still able to help out listening to the spirit and talking to people, but once they got into it, I was totally lost. The times I did open my mouth though, it was filled. Just got to have a little more faith. Sin embargo, it was a wildly successful venture, we taught like seven lessons in one day and gave a catholic priest a book of mormon and committed him to read it.

Also, today, like a few hours ago, I met and talked to Elder David Bednar. He came to the CCM for a devotional, cause all the mission presidents are here for some meeting. After his excellent devotional, I shook his hand, and he recognized my name and inquired after one Brian Pyper. Both Elder and Sister Bednar said that he's a good friend. So that was cool. He's a very powerful presence, just a really Christlike man. So then after that, my mission president came and found me during class and said he's got big plans for me. Hopefully not, haha. I still can't really understand exactly what people are doing in spanish. I feel like I'm about to break through a wall though. Just gotta be developing those Christlike attributes, and not worry about the language at all. So far that approach has served me well, and I don't intend to change it.

So that's the only Apostle I've met, but I've seen four speak in person since I've been here. Good times.

So here's my spiritual thoughts for the masses. Read John, chapter 1. That part about nathanael at the end. I have decided that what Jesus says about faith right there is a really powerful lesson for us all. Pray about it.

I finally got out of Nephi 4, and have spent all my free time this week reading Jesus the Christ. Great book. The book pointed out to me that Jesus literally died of a broken heart. I want to be able to love people like that someday.

Anyway. The church is true. 
Love you all, keep on doing your thing.

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