Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18, 2012

My good father,

I'm doing pretty good. Studying with the latinos is righteous. Elder Francis got a latino comp as well, and he's in some other district. 

We had such a weird last proselitismo together. Just a bunch of weird spiritual promptings, and I only got to see one of them pay off. I'm sure the others will though, I've been really practicing following the spirit, and hopefully it paid off. One time I just thought we should go to this road that only has like one house on it. On the way there, I felt like we needed to walk a little faster, so we did. We show up, and right as we ring the doorbell, some couple on a motorcyle comes screeching into the street improbably and gives us a reference for a non member friend, then just rides off again. So, stuff like that all day. Everyone else was mean.

So, spanish. It's difficult now that I'm in a class where the teacher isn't going easy on me, but when i get in the field, I'll be accustomed to understanding.

Sorry, I gotta leave
thirty minutes ain't enough

Love you!

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