Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 10, 2012

What's up familia?

It seems that you finally forgot about me, or quizas you were just confused that I couldn't seem to email on a consistent day. I'm not offended at all. Just kidding! Nothing could wreck my good mood write now. It's almost time. Time for the real world. With real investigadores. I am beyond ready. And plus, in my last interview, presidente said I was too, so cool beans. I think I'm his favorite or something. 

So I'm leaving with the next group of latinos that comes through the CCM. I will be assigned one of them as a new companion and I'll attend only gospel classes for three weeks. But everything will be in spanish. I plan to go totally native. So I went and purchased myself a nice pair of spanish scriptures at the distribution center, conveniently located next door. I'm going to attempt to read the entire Libro de Mormon in spanish before I leave. I've already done it in english, but I can feel the effects of studying the BOM in the mission language. I'm a believer.

So, every girl I've ever known is going on a mission, right? Rachel's starting her papers this summer or something I bet. Crazy business. We're starting to get real serious about preparing the way and gathering the house of Israel. Seriously, everyone that just got the opportunity to go, do it. Just the month and a half I've been gone has been amazing, and I would love for all of you to have this experience.

General conference was way cool, answered all my questions and concerns.

I don't know. Life is good, but I want to leave ├ęste carcel.

We didn't do proselitismo because of conferencia general, so i don't have any cool stories this week. Sorry. And sorry about the weird spanglish email, that's just how I think these days.

Love you all, and read Mosiah Chapter 2 in honor of me ├ęsta noche.
Elder Pyper.

P.S. The pictures are of an alfajor. They're these awesome cake things that cost solo uno peso. I buy like twelve every time we proselyte. Note the dulce in the middle.

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