Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec. 3, 2012


That's totally fine. The back injury is a pretty good reason, I'd say. And
I'm glad you healed. The first transfer actually has one more week, and who
knows what's gonna happen. I don't. But usually you get at least two changes
in your first area. Or so I've heard. But honestly I feel like anything
could happen. I don't want to leave, I love it here. It's hard, but it's
humbling. And this week, I finally found out the full legend of my oro area.
Apparently this is the area that breaks missionaries. Some members in our
stake found out that I started my mission here, and they were astonished.
Anyway, it's definitely been a refiners fire for me. Honestly, the
relationship with my comp is still a bit rough, but it's just cause of the
language barrier, I think. He actually doesn't understand at all what it's
like. He thought I was shy, or scared of talking to people, but it's
actually just that I don't want to screw up the contact or destroy trust by
moving in for the kill too soon, but it's starting to become a nonfactor
because I'm starting to understand people. Anyway, I started just contacting
people which keeps him happy, I guess. I love my comp, but he's not really
the leader type. So I basically initiate all the contacts now. Good times. 

Ok, three items of business. One, the card works now, but I can't see how
much money is in my account, so, how much money is in there? Two, another
tidbit of advice for sending packages, apparently they leave it alone if you
write `"mission supplies´` on the box. And pictures of Jesus work as well.
But the last one made it through just fine, who knows? Also, I can't really
do anything with gum, we're not allowed to chew it outside the house, so I
probably have enough for my whole mission now. Thanks mom! Three, I opened
up a journal today to see what mom wrote in there when I was a baby, and I
found that I had written in there eight years ago on the day that bite sized
bekahs were inceived. I can't believe I recorded that legendary moment.

Thanks to rachel for all you do. I sent a letter to mom, dad, and rachel,
but ellie and bekahs should come the next few weeks, there was a mail
problem or something.

It's great to hear about things at home! Make sure to let me know about the
Jeeve's call! Tell the Alley's best of luck in the ole San Antone. And
Rachel, dang, go to college already. It's the best.

So here's how it goes. We actually got three investigators in the church,
and I think they're actually gonna get baptized. BAm. I didn't think this
was gonna be such a problem here, but the literacy rate is a little lower.
It makes keeping commitments difficult for people, because they don't like
to tell us that they can't read... But anyhow, these three read quite well,
so they've got that going. 

Dang, what else? I feel like the Lord is using this area and this companion
to make me rely on him so I can become who I need to be for later in the
mission. I feel different than I used to feel. I've been doing a lot of
seeking in my prayers, seeking answers to all kinds of stuf. And the Lord
loves to answer me through scriptures, which is delightful for me. This
weeks big spiritual lesson was found in DandC 10 2-5. So I've applied that a
little, and I'm feeling a lot more satisfaction. I don't have to be the best
missionary there ever was, the fastest to learn the language, have the most
baptisms in my first six weeks. I just have to do what the Lord wants me to.
I love you guys, and really feel the prayers. It hit me yesterday that I'm
probably not gonna recognize Ellie and Bekah when I get back. Don't grow up
too much, you two.

Well hey hey. I don't think I'm gonna be fluent in spanish in a month, but
it'รง won't be soon after. I have a hard time thinking in general, and
writing in english. It's so weird.

Also, how do you make sauce for pastas? Is it something that could be done
quickly? Or would I have to make a ton on pday and store it? There's not too
much premade stuff available in this town at least. It's seriously like the
1890's I think.

Ok, I think that's it! I love you all, and don't stop! Talk to you on the
phone in Twenty TWo DAAYS!

Ciao Ciao!
Elder Andrew "El Comportamiento" Pyper

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