Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dec. 12, 2012

And a Happy new Year!
It doesn't really feel like Christmas at all. It's super weird to hear all this talk of papa noel and stuff, yet we're walking around drenched in either sweat or rain all the time. People have a few christmas decorations up, but it's not too crazy. Seriously, I'm not kidding when I say they're a few decades behind here. For instance, when I buy food, I have to walk into a small log cabinish type thing and give them my order, and they chop off the meat with a saw or something, it's just nuts. So, that's why we're writing two days late. The powers been out for a while after a storm we had. I actually was just thinking about that yesterday. This time last year I participated in like six of eight musical numbers in our christmas program at BYU haha.
It's not really that hot here, or at least the heat doesn't really bother me. I'd guess it's about 85 at the hottest, but these people are dying. They've never seen real heat. They don't have spicy food either. I've had to stop myself from laughing out loud a few times when I get warned of spicy things.
I am highly entertained by the missionary bear. That's pretty hilarious. Also, in other news, aka the things I wrote down in my agenda to tell you this week, I found a small note in my star wars journal after three and a half months of being away from home. It said "Bekah was here." Also, thanks for those premade letters, mom. I've already opened three. Hahaha. And I don't know if you sent stamps already, but If you could, that'd be great. I wrote ellie and bekah letters, but i haven't been able to mail them yet! I probably will on friday though. And who knows how long they take. Also, for my missionary journal, what are the names of the stake presidency?
So crazy. It feels like august still in my head. At night, and this happens quite often, cause it's impossible to sleep in our house till after midnight, I lay in bed and try to remember what I did before my mission. Sometimes when I see a piece of fruit I can remember the produce code for it haha! But mostly I just remembering hanging out with my family while I was in my wisdom tooth coma. Those were the days. And plus I miss batman. Luckily I have that little action figure you guys got me.
So here's how the gospel situation looks. I stayed here this cambio, and so did my comp. So we're in it to win it for another six weeks in El Carmen. I've been praying really hard that we can find a full family to baptize. That would do wonders for the branch. We just need some leadership, and some new member enthusiasm to share the Gospel. Our three investigators, Justo, Betty, and Washington are looking really good to be baptized soon. We also found an old Guy named Jose who may be baptized the same day or a week later. But these people actually read! They want to learn! They feel the truth of the gospel! I've never seen anything like it. So awesome. So we try to see them everyday, but they're a bit eccentric, haha, but it's been really interesting to watch the spirit smooth over their weird objections.
Not much else has happened. We're trying really hard to find new people still. My district leader went home, and the new one loves to speak spanish, so I actually never speak english at all anymore. Only here. And in my journal. I've reached a weird stage in my language, where I'm almost fluent, speaking wise. I don't really have to think about what I'm saying anymore, but my vocabulary is awful because I'm not understanding very well still. So, I'm sure that'll resolve by the end of this cambio, but it's so weird to be talking normally, and then just mentally hit a wall. Never had a feeling like it before. Like today, when I realized I didn't know how to say glass. Threw me for a loop. And I already forgot it. OH YEAH. Dad, you asked me how to say hiccups right before I got on the plane to leave to argentina. It's Tengo hipo. (I have hiccups) I've forgot to send that in like twelve consecutive emails. So, I'll talk to you guys on the phone in twoish weeks!
Love you all!

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