Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec. 17, 2012

Dear Family! (And others maybe)

The week was a good one. I feel like I'm learning some kind of life long applicable lesson every few days haha. This week I had a real aha moment with regards to what is going on here. Cause I'm trying my hardest to do everything exactly right, but honestly the only results we're having outside of our three stud investigators are straight rejection and borderline violence, haha. I think the missionaries that were here before offended all of the kids in this town, and apparently they sell firecrackers for christmas here, so that is just not a good combination of things. And again, sorry for the awful sentences, I'm really stuck halfway right now. Haha the other night I was verifying with the district leader, and I couldn't quite say something in spanish, so I switched to english and couldn't do it either! So let's hope I grow out of this stage pretty quick. And Mom! I already got the packages! I'm gonna open them today, and sorry I didn't already, but I gotta be as obedient as I can, I'm trying to rewrite the history of this area, But it's only been three days, so everythings probably okay. 

It's so great to hear from home. I love the news. Keep it coming. Special shout out to Angela Busath, Melanie Cox, Crystal Robinson, Elizabeth Pyper, Jacob Curtis, and Emilie Cotton, from who I received letters this week! That really lifted my spirits. It was fantastic! 

Yeah mom, that's really interesting what you said about the language being a refiner, a vehicle for testimony. I'll maybe try to tone back the amount of words I use as I teach. I think I'm just confusing people right now. But they sometimes think I'm from a different south american country when I talk to them, and not the states, so that means my accent is getting better!

It's funny that you said that thing about tears getting harder to fight back, I've been thinking that too. And I've been hearing you sing that song in my head for a few weeks. But mom said something in the card she gave me to open the day I left that is probably the most inspiring thing I've ever heard. ´Serving a mission is not a sacrifice, it's a privilege. You get to wear the Savior's name on your chest for two years, and when you´re finished, it will have written itself on your heart.´ Every time I think that, I have to fight back the tears. It was funny, cause I didn't know that card had an inside till I was already in the field. At first I thought it was just the scripture from DandC. It was a nice surprise haha. And thanks to Halmoni for the email, that was good to hear too!

I think that I call you, I'm not sure when, I'll let you know next week on Pday, the twenty fourth.

Lately the Lord has been pouring blessings out on me. It's impossible to deny, really. During my personal study of the scriptures, the eyes of my understanding get opened a little more every day. I'm really starting to get what's important in this life. I'm sure two years from now I'm gonna look back at that statement and laugh, but for now, I feel it's true. And often when I read something in the scriptures, my perspective is drawn out beyond my mission, to the rest of my life, so I understand what the Lord has for me to do, and at times my perspective is expanded even further, to beyond this life, beyond this earth.

I can testify that this work is unstoppable like an army. I can testify that the plan of God is massive, meant for this whole world, but at the same time is personalized for every single one of his children. I feel privileged to be able to take part in this work.

Love you all!
Elder Pyper

P.S, Thanks for the capybara facts, ellie. I'll try to tame one if I ever go near Brazil. I don't think they live here in this area.

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