Friday, December 28, 2012

Dec. 24, 2012

Dear Family (Dad)
First of all, here's how this goes, I think we're gonna try skype, because that's the least complicated thing. So you guys can use my laptop if it's still alive, skype runs pretty well on there, and log on as rachel, because I think she already is my skype friend. And I'll log on as me tomorrow at about 7:00-7:15 PM here in uruguay. I'm gonna trust you guys to calculate that time difference, I think that makes it 4:00 for you guys, but I'm not 100% on that.
Well I'm pretty proud of Bekah, at our Christmas conference, the Presidents granddaughter sang a solo verse of I'm trying to be like Jesus in english, and I just cried, because she looked like bekah. Also she looked like Jesus. It was quite the moment. That's awesome that you got to break out the ax again, I was always a little disappointed at how awful I had gotten when we played in the nursing homes haha. Pretty similar to how I feel playing soccer once in a while.
Haha I appreciated those 12 days of christmas activities that mom sent me, most of the commanded? (sorry I can't think of the right word in english) activities were things like, "dedicate a few hours of your day to spending time with family" "Call your parents and tell them you love them". The point is, most of them were impossible for a missionary. But I did a few. Thanks Mom! And Happy Birthday, I got my first baptism on your birthday! His name is Justo, and he is a crazy old man that knows every single bible story without fail. So he was easy to teach, but also hard, because he wanted to teach us, and we were a bit squeezed for time. And we've got two lined up for next week. Happy new year!
So here's the real thing. I think I had a milestone moment in my mission. I found this mental key that has filled me with irrepressible joy all the time. So what I'm saying is, I just realized that my only goal should be to do the Lord's will. That's all Jesus did, and he's probably pretty happy right now. SO I've really focused myself in that, and the blessings are pouring everywhere. Sobreabundante. The thing was, I had desires and goals that came from me, an imperfect man, so I'm trying constantly to turn all of my desires, righteous and unrighteous over to the Lord, and he's making a lot more out of me than what I had planned. Since I had this realization, I've gotten quite good at spanish. I've felt bien clarito the spirit saying words through me to people. I wasn't struggling before, but now I'm flying.
I really miss you guys, it makes me a little sad that Ellie and Bekah will probably be unrecognizable when I get back! Also, an email from Grammy P just showed up in my inbox. Sorry, I can't answer that! Gotta have that obedience. But, I am really excited to talk to you guys as well. And the packages got here fine, the customs guys aren't too brutal, they just take a look, and I don't think they stole anything. And that peanut butter was such a miracle. I put it on everything. It lasted six days. And the candy canes lasted six days.
Glad you guys got my letters, I'm still trying to send Ellies and Bekahs, things got a little crazy for a while, but they should be off tomorrow. Sorry girls!
I was able to see my district from the CCM at the christmas conferences, they are all tearing it up. Working hard and learning a ton. I feel absolutely awful for elder Francis, he's gotta to have something big in the plans for later in life, because Satan is attacking him so hard. His parents have now separated, to add onto everything else, but I'm praying for him every night. He's a strong man, he won't go home for anything. And I heard a lot of talk that our mission president is walking around asking people to get ready to train. And like four of the guys that just got here from the CCM who recently had talked to president told me I was probably gonna train soon and just looked really sly. So that scares me.
All right, the spirit of Christmas is awesome, even when it's really hot. Christ really was born, he lived, he did miracles, he suffered and died for love for us(sorry for bad english again), and He lives today. That's it. Talk to you guys tomorrow night!

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