Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1,2013

Dear Dad and everyone...

I am well. I totally had no clue it was easter till that morning, actually, because that week was the craziest of my life. But we'll get to that.

We are also making a tournament bracket here actually. We're making it of our zone, which is pretty crazy. But Emilie just threw a wrench in the works by giving me insider information. I don't know if I ever told you this, but among the first words President Armstrong ever said to me were, "Do you have a girlfriend? Cause I think she's talking to my daughter." I had no clue what to say to that, but apparently it's true.

I'm proud of Ellie, the enid ward, everybody back home. Here's a cool message for jory, I went on an exchange to the border of brazil last week, and people were speaking portuguese to me all day. I could understand about half. It's super weird. But it sounds like an awesome language.

So here's the crazy noche blanca story. Two weeks ago, we had two baptisms lined up for it. One was a teenage girl who finds great comfort in the gospel, and the other was this awesome little girl who´s the daughter of an active member and an inactive member. But within the very week, they both fell through. I knew Satan was running around, buscando a quien devorar, so me and Elder Kempton did not die like dogs. We fought like lions. So we went nuts and basically did everything possible to find someone that can get baptized that night. The night before the noche blanca, we run into a less active lady with an unbaptized son of nine years. SOOOO we chased him down, pinned him in a corner and taught him two lessons worth of material in like an hour. Then, in the most stress filled day of my life, he totally didn't show up to the noche blanca, after a day of mysteriously malfunctioning cellphones (his mom's), awful, awful sickness (mine), and running through the city looking in various chapels (me and elder kempton). So we almost killed ourselves, but now we see how that was all in the lords hands, because we are set up to have a stellar few weeks. If I don't leave next week, that is. I hope not.

Anyway, happy easter (of the resurrection, as they say in spanish.)
Love you all!
Alma 29:4
1Nephi 11:10
Enos 1:12

¿Què deseas tù?

Elder Pyper

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