Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Dear family,

Ok, I just wrote for like twenty minutes, and then this dang keyboard deleted my email. So I'll sum it up.

1) We worked better then ever last week. The Lord gave us a lot of miracles.
2)Being a district leader is way awesome. I'm kind of power hungry.
3)I am super jealous of piranha fishing.

Moving on... There is a new missionary who is living in my house who is teaching me a ton. The small and simple things are truly made strong with humility. This kid works miracles, and his spanish is barely comprehensible. Big testimony builder for me. I did an intercambio with him, and his absolute fearlessness impressed me so much. He is awesome. Rachel is marrying him.

I am way happy about the roscoe the donkey picture. That was too good. Everybody in the whole zone thinks dad is so funny after I translated donkeys in the mist for them. And what the heck? The whole pyper clan and andrews people got so big! 

Anyway, I'll write more next week. Expect great things. 

Love, Andy

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