Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013

Dear family,

First of all, I totally know Alex Reed, and I can´t believe he got baptized! That's awesome!  That was a bit of news I was not expecting at all. Missionary work is so crazy. It's getting pretty hasty over here too. So here's the change news, me and Elder Ve'e are staying together for a third change. Almost unheard of. But I'm totally fine with that, we're like best friends now. And I have a lot to do here in this area still. And get this! They made me a district leader! I don't know what these people are thinking, but there goes all the free time I ever had. But luckily I'm still in the most dangerous zone in montevideo, so no sister missionaries in my district, haha. Just kidding, kind of. But seriously, I can't believe the miracles that happen in missionary work. It's been exciting.

Haha the music is awesome. Obviously we don't listen to the muse, but the CD of Pyper Clavinova Hits is very entertaining. 

The thoughts are just that I hope I can keep up with the pace the Lord is setting in this work. IT'S going too fast. We had a miracle girl randomly show up at church this week, and we're gonna go baptize her probably. Or not because they divided the area again. Back to still really big Aeroparque B. I love and appreciate all the support, I know this gospel is true and I'm never coming home!

Elder Pyper

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