Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

It's been raining for like a week straight :( We had a very instructional week. Also our poor investigator is trying to break my heart, and the bishop is driving me nuts. Poor alva had the hardest week ever. She prayed us to her door again. I have no clue how she does that, but she had kicked out her son and her daughter in law because the daughter in law was blatantly robbing them and taking advantage of living there. She is so sad because her son said a bunch of awful stuff. And then when we left their house the crazy daughter in law cornered us and told us a whole bunch of lies about alva and her husband, and asked me if I thought their behavior was appropriate for people who claim to be seeking god. I looked her in the eyes and told her that God is just, and that much I know. Then we walked off like a couple of bosses. But actually things got pretty crazy. She was so desperate to go to church that on sunday she walked there in pouring rain. And she's legally blind. ¡Que locura, che!

But yeah, this week I had a really cool moment, I got probably as discouraged as I ever get, mostly because we were just wandering around in the rain getting rejected. But then, I felt the reality of how many people are praying for me, I really felt it. Then we decided to be missionaries who work miracles, instead of missionaries who shamble around getting ignored by rich people. So we did some miracles. Still working with a long term drug addict. He's doing good.

Yeah, I actually would appreciate the other pair of shoes, if you're willing. I don't think my pair is gonna quite make it. And I'm good on pants.

Love you a ton!
Here's the picture from the baptism a couple of weeks ago.

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