Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept. 24, 2013

Dear Family,

I'm staying with my comp another six weeks, that was a super fast change. I'm starting to feel robbed. My time is running away super quick. I am not happy about this, haha. I'm gonna try to send you guys a package next week that will have some uruguayan goodies and a flash drive with all my pictures so far, and I do not know how much that costs or anything, but I guess I'll find out. 

I am being very frustrated, because I seem to be trying as hard as I can to help these other areas in my district, and they are absolutely unresponsive. BUT. Elder Francis is coming to my district! That's right, my old friend from the MTC! So he is gonna shake things up, I imagine. 

It's gonna be weird. Pretty soon you're gonna have two double digit girls in the house. I still am denying that Ellie is twelve. I used to be twelve! As far as I know, she might turn sixteen or twenty someday! This is not good.

I hope you all get better and that the Lord gives you what you deserve :)
I pray for you guys every night, love you tons!


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