Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 9, 2013

Happy P-Day to all!
Happy anniversary as well! I realized today that I don't think I ever told you guys happy anniversary last year, so sorry. I bet that was a quick 21 years. Life is insane. I thought of the story of you getting mom pots and pans for christmas the other day. That made me laugh.
I actually had a really cool experience yesterday where one of our investigators with a really sick husband used her huge gigantic enormous faith, asked the Lord to send me and my comp to her house, sat down and told her husband, Bueno, vamos a esperarlos. And you guessed it, about that moment her face pops in my mind, we go over immediately, weep with them, and the whole time I was just feeling that they need to experience the power of God in their lives. We shared the story from alma 15 and gave the husband a priesthood blessing. I hope he gets better, cause that would make an awesome story. I love those dear viejitos so flippin much. I have really gained a testimony of this principle. The Lord loves his children.
You know, I've gone a whole year without a stake conference. I have been jumping areas right before stake conference every single time. But I like that. That just means I get to take the sacrament more, hahaha! I really can't express how important the sacrament has become to me. It is so essential. And fasting. A little trip through Isaiah 58 rocked my world.
But yeah, I love what it says about a succesful missionary in preach my gospel in chapter 1. I'm trying to do that stuff, and one thing that I feel I have learned out here is to recognize the spirit at least. Following is a little harder. We'll get there some day.
Elder Zuniga is going to teach me to be a yoyo master today. I hope this picture works, it's of Karen(in white), her nonmember family, and us.
Love you all a ton!

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