Wednesday, May 7, 2014

March 31, 2014

Dear Dad and Bekah,

Well, I'm very impressed. You're well on your way to the backflip record, Bekah. It's seven. It's gonna be an exciting summer. When do you guys start school? Are you gonna be in school when I come home? Thanks for all the news and compliments. I am happy to also have the three best sisters ever. I'm excited to see you guys soon!

It was a good week. We had interviews with the president, which was cool. The assistants called and told us to buy lunch for the whole zone and president and his wife and that they would reimburse it. So we took a quick jaunt to burger king and ordered 22 combos. Haha it was pretty awesome. And then the interview was excellent, I got to know presidents wife really well because I was helping her talk to the latino missionaries all day while president was doing interviews. They really are amazing people, and the instant they came to the mission we could feel their love. It made a lot of difference. But I talked with president a lot about the direction the mission is going in, it was really interesting to hear his insight on things, remind me to tell you guys someday.

One of the best people I ever taught got baptized two days ago. Elder Phillips and I taught her for three months and three weeks after we split she finally got baptized! It was a good feeling and it reminded me of what is really important. I had become a little worried about goals and numbers and such, but watching somebody make a covenant reminded me what it's all about. It's a really good feeling.

So there's my week. Have a good one chitlins, I love you a ton.

Elder Pyper
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