Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Dear Family,

I totally bore my testimony too this week bekah! The bishop got up and said, Since we have three new missionaries, they're going to start off the testimony meeting. Elder Ve'e is my new companion, he's an awesome guy from California, of Samoan descent. He did super good introducing himself to the ward in spanish, haha. I like that Bekah keeps saying I'll see you in two years, because that's how I need to think, haha. Sometimes it freaks me out that I already am about to hit 8 months!! Can you believe it? So crazy. The time is going by way too fast, but I'm starting to learn to not waste it so much.

I'm not gonna lie, the new assignment is very challenging. Montevideo is very different from my other areas. I watch airplanes take off and land all day, I have to take a bus to get anywhere, and people freak out and think you're gonna rob them at night when you contact them. Probably just because my companion is a massive polynesian. But the work is way different here. I am still figuring things out, but we're slowly and surely building the new area. The members are cool. The bishop is amazing. The area is gigantic. It has so much potential. If we work our hardest, the sky is the limit here. I would love for my comp to have that as his first area, just baptizing all the time. We'll make it happen.

Sorry dad! I totally forgot to bring my camera, I've got the pictures of the moment when I picked up Elder Ve'e, I'll have to send them next week.

I am just dead tired. Opening an area is ridiculously hard. My brain is dead. I think I'm losing hair from all the stress. Good thing my comp is a stud. He's already a good missionary, just gotta pick up the language. So... yeah. 

The mother's day call, we'll definitely be able to skype. I'll let you more know when I know. But there's a member here with a nice computer that I've got my eye on. Haha I am having a blast here though. I love when the Lord gives me the chance to just work. That's the only secret to missionary work, it's true.

So have a great week everyone! Good luck in all your musicals and stuff!

Love you all!

Y acuérdense, cuando somos débiles, entonces somos fuertes.

Elder Pyper

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