Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

Dear Family,

I am proud. Why did everyone start doing cool stuff right after I left? This is getting ridiculous. Congratulations to everyone for their incredible deeds. Ellie sounds like a star player, rachel sounds like she ruled the school, and mom sounds about as awesome as usual. And bekah is cool too. We can't forget about her. 

Well, we had our week of opposition. Our two amazing investigators did amazing all week, Sunday showed up and it was raining, which is devastating in Uruguay. I don't know why, but these people just do not do anything in the rain. So at eight fifteen sunday morning, I gave them both a call to see if they were gonna make it. Cristian said he was going, he doesn't care about rain. Apparent victory. Then I called Luis, and he told he couldn't come because his friend died in a motorcycle accident. I'm telling you, this man is going to be the strongest convert when he actually gets baptized. He's seen so much change in his life. And then Cristian didn't show up anyway. Soooo yeah. But the awesome thing that happened is that we reactivated a legendary inactive guy here. We told the ward council we were working with him and they basically scoffed at us. Except the bishop. He's awesome. And then our boy came to church. I was pretty dang happy. Everything is going according to the plan of the Lord. I'm still kind of adjusting to this area, it's pretty nuts. We have to take a bus everywhere. It's expensive. But yeah. Just gotta keep working, and everything will turn out fine.

Well, have a good week, everyone! Love you all pilas!
Elder Pyper
Here's a picture of me pointing to the ocean. Haha I missed montevideo.

Elder Pyper and Elder Ve'e

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