Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 1, 2014

Dear Family,

I am doing well, that's for sure. The sad news is, the changes came, and they're sending me away to be the zone leader in La costa. My companion is pretty new, so it looks like I've got some work cut out for me. The whole zone that I'm going to is right on the beach, so that's gonna be weird. Even worse, elder phillips is coming to the area next door right as I'm leaving, so we almost lived together again. Oh well, it's all inspired I guess. 

So. Another interesting tidbit, this last week, Walter F. Gonzalez of the seventy came to visit our mission, he's the area president here. He was in our leadership council and then he did a conference with half the mission in our chapel, that we had to host. I think I said that last week. The conference plans were concrete, and then came the call. At the last minute, they asked us to get lunch for the conference. So we walked into a bakery that we enjoy and asked them if they could get us "lunch" (if you say it in english they know you want catering, haha) for 100 people. They obliged. And then President Gonzalez loved it and told president cook that it was the best lunch he had ever had (presumably with a heavy mexican accent) Check this out. Scroll down until you see some english in that newsletter.

So yeah, excited for a new area, I have four baptisms left for my personal goal, so we're gonna see if we can make it happen. The three people that got baptized here are doing fabulous, Diego is going to missionary prep classes and wants to start doing his papers as soon as he can. He was recently ordained a priest and hangs out with the young single adults basically every night. He is definitely one of the Lord's elect.

Couldn't be happier, I love life. See you all soon!


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