Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 8, 2014

Dear Family,

I knew you would get the reference, haha. Nacho Libre is like riding a bike, you never forget. So they call this place La Costa de Oro. Turns out, it actually is gold. We did some manly work last week, and God is being merciful and helping us to find a lot of new people. The area was lacking investigators when I got here, but we're starting to build up the teaching pool a bit. So I've been here since wednesday, and I love it. My companion is elder Ochoa, I can't remember if I said his name last week, but I love him, we get along probably a little too well. He's from arizona, actually was friends with elder Kempton from before the mission, so that's cool. And yeah he's a really hard worker, really focused.

The sports world is blowing my mind right now, haha. Not basketball so much, even though that is exciting. The world cup is gonna be crazy down here. They infected me with world cup fever. It's so different in south america. Uruguay's first game is this saturday, so I'll let you guys know how crazy it is next week, haha. 

In other news, it's pretty cold. Probably around like 40 or 50 degrees, which isn't too bad unless there's wind and rain. (There was)

We actually have another conference this week with Lynn G. Robbins, the newly called president of the seventy. That's gonna be exciting, and also it's right during the opening match of the world cup, so it'll get us off the street at least. I really love watching the Lord's servants come and give us direction, it's wonderful.

I saw the video of bekah flipping, I was pretty impressed. I remember that when I did seven backflips, I could barely stand up for like a minute because I was too dizzy, but she popped right out of there and stopped the video. 

Anyway, thanks for the love, support, and beef jerky. You are a wonderful family, I'll be seeing you in a bit.

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