Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 16, 2014

Dear Family,

The week was good, it was a bit weird. We worked really hard and saw almost no results for it at the end of the week. However we did receive a miracle and we had a lot of faith that we were gonna get one. Some young women brought her boyfriend to church, we're gonna go teach him on friday. So that was cool.

Me and Elder Ochoa are getting along great, we have become fast friends, and it's easy to do missionary work together. The hard thing was the world cup. Wow. It's actually not that bad unless uruguay is playing. But it's always but for me, because anytime that we go into a house someone is watching whatever game is on. It's temptation. You guys know that I like soccer, haha. I actually witnessed that game winning goal for usa last night during a meeting with our bishop in his house.

I had a classic missionary moment. Elder Ochoa and i were on the way to a menos activo family's house right before the uruguay game, and we found that they were doing construction all over this one intersection. It was just a dirt road, so we hopped the tape and tried to run right through it, taking two different routes. But then my leg sunk into mud up to my ankle, haha. I tried to keep running, but my shoe stayed in the mud. I had to go back and get it, and then it was filled with mud haha. We showed up at the family's house, and they were like...your shoe is a little dirty. I said sorry.

But yeah, we also had that other conference with a president of the seventy, Lynn Robbins. That was excellent. I got some good councils from the spirit there. He talked a lot about getting along with your companion and how it predicts divorce later in life, haha. I congratulated myself heartily for getting along with most of my companions.

Anyway, there you have it, I appreciate all your prayers. Those help a lot. And thanks for that package! Love you guys, have a good week!
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