Wednesday, June 25, 2014

May 26,2014

Dear family,

Wow, everybody was there at the reunion. That's gotta be a lot of people these days. Too bad I missed out, but I'll be there next year, haha.

So basically the news this week is that we're trying to find people to teach. The search is going well, we're throwing everything we have at it. I honestly feel guiltless for our efforts of the past two weeks, which is pretty impressive. I gave everything I had until my heart and mind failed me, haha. Pday has become a necessary thing instead of a luxury. 

Today we're going to go see the fingers, I'll send some pictures next week.

Other things, Walter F. Gonzalez is coming this week to visit the mission. We're hosting the conference here in our zone, so we've got a lot of work to do getting everything ready for that. But yeah, I'll let you know how everything goes there.

Thanks for the love and support, you're a great family. Have a fun summer!

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