Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

This week was a little eventful. We had some little disobedience issues within our zone this week, so I got to go with one of the assistants to correct it a bit. So it was a cool experience, you really feel the love that the lord has for his children. However, we're fighting a hard battle in La Costa. It's tough, but we've won a victory just by the fact that uruguay is out of the cup. The whole country was shut down on game days, it was pretty annoying. We actually walked by suarez's house on game day, he lives in our area, about 200 people were outside his front door with a massive screen that said, If Luis can't go to the game, we'll bring the game to him! And they watched it right there in front of his door. It was crazy. There were people selling suarez masks. I almost bought one. I think america can take belgium. I believe in dempsey. One of my friends made those and sent it to me, haha, I'm a dempsey lookalike.

Yeah that's about it. Elder Phillips is going home in two weeks. It's blowing my mind. I'm sad, like where did my mission go? Blink of an eye and i'll be home...It's okay, I'm committed to work harder than i ever have. I'm losing a lot of weight right now, I've been eating a ton of protein and working out really hard. It helps me to not feel so tired. Also, I've been eating three meals again lately, I think that's working. The uruguayan eating schedule is pretty off, I've gone american style again, and i FEEL a lot better.

Have a good week guys, I love you! 

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