Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 21, 2014

All right, here's the scoop

I'm not in my new area yet actually, I'm leaving tomorrow morning. It's maldonado, a really big city right on the coast. It's one of the hottest vacation spots in south america. I don't know if you guys ever saw that picture of a beach with a gigantic hand sprouting out of the sand, but that's in my new area. My new companion is named Elder Schill, I already know him. He lived with me here in florida and I love him to death. I am so excited for the next change, haha. My companion is an unreally hard worker. It's so cool. He's coming into play at a critical point in my mission. And plus, we both like to fight the power, so we're going to be rogue baptizers, probably. By that, I mean my whole mission everybody has been kind of ill with baptism fever. I think it's the main problem with the church down here. The converts haven't been real for a long time. We're trying to fix it, haha. My last change was pretty dramatic, I'll have to write and tell you about that next week, for reasons which will be known unto you next week.

So, at least I'm comforted now, because I'm pretty sure Ellie and Bekah cannot grown anymore before I get home. holy cow, they are big. They couldn't even touch the ground on that swing before! Is Ellie taller than mom?

I'm feeling you on the long trip there. It's a pretty long trip, but I'm pretty calm about the end. I've got a good chunk of time left, somewhat. But I have a good mindset. I don't usually think about it anymore, but the end is always right there. I think I'm still on an upward arc here.

Easter in uruguay. They have this tradition in all of south america, the holy week. I think they don't eat meat like all week or something, even the mormons, haha. I forgot to pay attention at lunch this week to figure it out. Oh well. But yeah, as far as south american countries go, and I think I've said it before, uruguay is one of the countries farthest away from christian values. But that being said, the whole country watches passion of the christ every easter. It's a good talking point in contacts. It sends some people into shock who are watching it for the first time. They didn't realize that people were so brutal with jesus. It's sad. But it's not like the phillipines or anything where they nail themselves to crosses.

Thanks for telling me to keep working hard, it's good advice. I love you guys, have a good one.
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