Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Yeah poor jake, he told me. I hope he gets back out soon, that's gotta be pretty tough.

But in other news,Inline image 1This happened. It was pretty awesome. We had kind of a crazy week. I have officially never been as mentally drained as I am right now. Me and elder Schill made a goal to step up our game and literally try to talk with every person we saw. This led to some crazy situations, but wow. I don't think I've ever felt more like an instrument of the Lord as I did last week. It was nothing short of miraculous. It helped us a lot to recognize the spirit and act on it. By the end of the week we had realized that god was putting all the people he wanted us to teach directly in our path, and many times they were doing awkward stuff. Like fixing power lines on the top of a ladder. Or taking a smoke break during their job from the pizzeria, but we talked to them, and we saw a bunch of miracles. And then the three baptisms and the end of the week was really rewarding. We had a lot of divine help with that.

But wow, I feel really good spiritually. My faith has been boosted a lot.

Kate just got married out of nowhere, that was a little scary. Paul looks like he has paul bunyan's disease in that picture. I hope you all have fun at the reunion, send my love to everyone.


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