Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 5, 2014

Dear Dad and Bekah,

So important stuff first, the call is this sunday at 5:30 uruguayo time. I'll let you figure that out in oklahoma time. 

Also, it's pretty exciting to have the fourth generation of pyper in the little olympics. We're bringing in a lot of jewlery, haha, I wish you the best of luck Bekah in the 800. It's an exciting race.
Hoo hoo, the missionary work is great in this area. There are so many people and we have all the blessings of hard work, obedience and focus. It has been sweet. We should have three baptisms the week after next, if I didn't ruin one of them just now by cancelling a game of soccer with one of our investigators. He sounded kind of bummed... But yeah, I feel awesome. Even more tired than before, but success is starting to flow. Yeah I'm still a zone leader here luckily, I thought they might kick me out after the fiasco last change, but they still trust me apparently. They kind of killed my last companion though, they sent a crazy byu football player to live with him. 

But yes, we also accidentally fasted two times in three days last week. Turns out, that´s a bad idea. I was pretty dang fatigued afterward.
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It's gettin a little cool here in uruguay. It's gonna be a weird shock to go from the middle of winter to hundred and five summer in august. Also, here's a picture of our entire mission at the christmas conference. It's like a where's waldo game. 

I'm a little scared, it keeps hitting me unexpectedly how little time there is left. But good thing we're working hard and taking advantage of the time we have left. 

Allright, love you guys, see you on sunday!

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