Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 28, 2014

Dear Dad,

Ok, so this week was really the first time I've ever seen a picture of Ellie and Bekah next to somebody who I know how tall they are. Ellie is almost the same as Rachel? Is she taller than mom? And Bekah grew like a foot too, as far as I can tell. El tiempo no para. 

So here's the story of last change that I could never tell you because my companion spoke english perfectly. It was a really hard change because he was pretty disobedient. It kind of destroyed our zone and broke my heart, but now I've fled the scene. I'm here with my new companion Elder Schill, who is super awesome. We have worked really hard, it's been super good. Maldonado is a pretty big city too, so there's a lot of people here. I'm excited, it has a loooot of potential. We've already seen some good miracles as we worked hard. I got sick again this week, a pretty nasty cold. I went out to work every day anyway, I just carried around my british flag handkerchief that elder phillips gave me. It was pretty gross, I don't really like handkerchiefs, haha. But it's like I said, I think my body is just shutting down.

The conference talk about bobsledding/skeleton has been on my mind a lot. It talked about how they prepared so hard and when it came down to it, they were on the track only minutes, and that is what mattered. It made me think about two things, life, and the mission. I was able to imagine really vividly how much preparation we did to come to this world and live our lives. We knew we had to live the gospel and bring back as many brothers and sisters as we could. And now we're on the track, zooming along at 90 miles an hour. I've seen before that a human life measured in god's time is like under an hour. I remember that 2 years was like 4 minutes or something, just very few minutes. But it's really important. We were waiting a long time to come here, and we don't have time to waste. So there are my thoughts on that, trying to keep it simple, haha.

Anyway, I love you guys, thanks for the support, I wish you all the luck I can with the busy spring schedule.

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