Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hello my dear family,

I got the package just now. It is delicious to have this coat. I needed it so bad, haha. I got the magnet from Grammy and grandpa as well a while back. Things are going good here, we had the best sunday of my mission so far! Four investigators in church, all with a baptismal date! I am super excited for all of them, but the gospel is a lifelong commitment. Baptism is just the beginning. But it feels good to see some fruit. The armstrongs are getting their assignment changed because hermana armstrong has a pretty serious problem with her hips, she's been hobbling about for quite a while. President armstrong is going off to be a lawyer for the church somewhere here in south america, and the hermana is going back to utah for treatment.

I miss scout camp. I'm happy someone was able to catch that bass, now we all know how big it is. Jake is also holding that thing like two inches from the camera, haha. 

I sure miss you guys a lot. It's gonna be awesome to be home. I accidentally found out what day I'm gonna get home, but I'm not telling anyone, haha. No puedo hacerme trunky. It's really been a fun ride with Elder Ve'e, he's turned into a great missionary, and once he realizes that he speaks spanish, he'll be flying. We're really trying to do everything possible to help our two baptisms get there this month. If they do, I will be so incredibly happy. It's very possible, we just have to show enough faith that the Lord helps us.

Something I learned this week that I loved is about faith. Faith is manifest through works, but at the same time, faith is works. FAith=Repentance, Obedience, and Dedicated service. 

Thanks for all the news, hope the spurs win!


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